How to fix HTTP aka ms remoteconnect in 2024

HTTP aka ms remoteconnect

2024 has leveled up the trend of gaming by every possible means. Now that the world is going through a pandemic, games are one of the important sources of entertainment as if they were not before but now it’s legit the ritual. Minecraft comes at the top when we say games.  With the perks of enjoying games, there also comes some errors while connecting games to the server. One of the most common errors will be discussed here. And don’t worry we will provide an actual solution to it so you do not have to face it again.

What is HTTP aka ms remoteconnect error?

In Minecraft when putting online, it is 80 percent of the time that an HTTP aka ms remoteconnect error is faced. So, what is this error?

It is basically when you start to connect with the other players on the internet during a cross-play. As far as this game is concerned, this error is most likely to be found on the PS4 Bedrock edition.

HTTP aka ms remoteconnect
HTTP aka ms remoteconnect

This occurs usually with the people who are playing Minecraft for the first time or are signing in for the first time through their Microsoft account. They will receive an error with this text, directing them to visit this website

There will be a message displayed along with it telling that the account signed in to your PlayStation will be automatically associated with your Microsoft account before playing Minecraft and then eventually this certain account will be used permanently when you will be playing Minecraft in the future. This is basically the confirmation message to configure both accounts so that both are associated while you are playing for the synchronizations.

This is very important because choosing the Microsoft account will configure the settings for you. If you are using an account already then make sure you tend to use that account for playing. We would suggest you choose an existing account or sync the account on your PlayStation and the Microsoft account used Minecraft. You might be wondering why all this hassle is for a game? But it is important because you get to choose only one time and set your account only time, afterward whatever you choose will be set permanently and you would not be able to change it. So we suggest you take this step seriously and choose the account carefully.

Why this error occurs?

You might be wondering why this error? The reason is crystal clear. Like most of the configuration settings when you try to access some website through some new credentials, they do ask for your identity. The same is the case when the account you choose to play does not match the account you have been using normally then this error takes place.

Secondly, if you have changed a device then that device is also unrecognized so you get this error to prove your identity.

The third reason as we discussed it getting it online with the friends in a crossover, also requires additional configuration as the Microsoft account gets attached with it and it won’t let you pass that easily.

Enough of the reasoning and logic. Now let’s see how can we fix this.

How to fix this issue?

Simply follow these easy steps to figure this situation out and enjoy your game smoothly.

As, Ps4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. Mostly shows this error so let’s look into this.

First of all, if by any means you have forgotten your account credentials then you can always create a new account. Just create a new account and go on with your game. This error also occurs due to device change so it’s better you go with the new account.

Secondly, click on the URL of the message that is displayed. Copy the code from here and then go to your Microsoft account login on the other device (the device on which you tend to play the game), there paste this code, and press enter. Then you would be able to access your Microsoft account and easily go to the play store and download the game to enjoy.

The third thing you can do is deleting all the corrupted data of the game altogether and taking a fresh start. For that go to your system files and delete the Minecraft data files entirely. Click the data and cache and you are good to go. Start again and enjoy the game smoothly error-free.

Still, getting problems?

Further support

Then you can always visit their customer care website and leave your queries there. The response you as soon as possible. They have a whole section dedicated to your problems, game errors, and queries which you can easily access by simply visiting their website. Browse that, check the FAQs section and try to solve the issue from there, it is very helpful. They have options like technical support, refund support, marketplace support, etc.

Or if you are that much of a Minecraft geek then go visit their head offices in Sweden, Mozang, and Stockholm. Just kidding! You have a number of ways to pretty much solve it in a split of seconds.

Just follow these steps mentioned above, any of the ones might work for you.

Still, if you find yourself stuck somewhere then the comment section is always there. Leave your queries down below and we will help them solve them as soon as possible.