You Will Thank Us For These Replica Lightsaber Duelling Tips


If there is one thing most die-hard Star wars fans have in common, it’s that they’ve all dreamed about engaging in an epic lightsaber duel. Lightsaber dueling has now become an activity that is gaining popularity amongst many fans of the franchise, and if it is something you’re looking to get into, the dueling tips below are sure to come in handy. Thanks to technology coming out of companies like Padawan Outpost, these dreams can be made into a reality.

Start by Getting Yourself a Realistic and Duel-ready Lightsaber

Finding a replica lightsaber is quite easy these days, but not all replicas are designed to withstand dueling conditions. If you’re looking to really immerse yourself in the Force, a realistic and duel-ready replica lightsaber is what you need.

Some of the features to look for when buying a dueling lightsaber include; a heavy-grade polycarbonate blade (they could also be labeled as an ultra-edge heavy-grade blade), a durable and high-quality hilt to protect the saber’s electronics (like the battery, soundboard and power switch), light switching features and movie-accurate sound effects (preferably motion activated).

Learn The Proper Stances


Once you have your replica lightsaber and are ready to start dueling, it is important that you learn the proper stances. This is because, during a duel, your stance could mean the difference between getting knocked off your feet or staying grounded and maintaining your balance. A very good stance you can learn is the “Jedi Ready” stance. It allows you to be ready to block or dodge attacks while being on guard.

The stance involves placing your dominant foot a step behind the non-dominant one. While maintaining this stance, the tip of your saber’s blade should be pointed toward your opponent’s head while keeping the hilt at hip level.

Keep Your Hand On The Hilt

Nothing screams amateur duelist like dropping your lightsaber all the time. Apart from being a sign of inexperience, dropping your saber can also leave you defenseless. Keep this from happening by maintaining a tight grip on your saber’s hilt at all times. You can also invest in a hilt wrap for better grip and reduced slippage.

Practice Dodging And Blocking

Once you’ve mastered your stance and grip, the next thing you need to master is dodging and blocking attacks. To better understand the moves that leave you vulnerable to attacks, it is always better to master your defense before getting to the offense. One of the ways you could do this is to practice how to pivot your footwork from different stances while using other parts of your body (shoulders, raising the hilt to your face) to protect yourself.

Do Some Stretches


Like most active sports, stretching before a lightsaber duel can help loosen you up and prevent you from getting injured. However, be sure not to overexert yourself with the stretching. Start with simple stretches and slowly work your way up. Doing stretches every day (not just before a lightsaber duel) will improve your flexibility, and this can be an advantage during duels.

Prioritize Safety

Because lightsaber dueling is a combative sport, safety should be a top priority. Some safety measures you can take include; making sure you and your opponent understand the established set of rules, using a quality dueling lightsaber, sparring in a pedestrian-free open space,  fastening removable blades securely, wearing comfortable and protective clothing (gloves, shoes, mouth guards, helmets, and eye protection) and having a first-aid kit nearby.

Enroll In A Lightsaber Training School


There is nothing quite like learning from the expert- even Jedi Grandmasters like Yoda had to learn from somebody. Enrolling in a lightsaber training school provides the opportunity for you to improve your skills by learning from master duelists. It is also an opportunity for you to learn more advanced styles and techniques of lightsaber combat.


Lightsaber dueling has made it possible for Star Wars fans to re-enact their favorite duels from the franchise. However, in order to make these duels very realistic and thrilling, just like in the movies, there are certain tips and tricks you need to have down. They include; finding the right dueling saber, perfecting your stance, practicing your blocks and dodges, safety, and getting the right lightsaber training.