Everything You Need To Know About Bone China

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While looking for reliable dinnerware or kitchenware materials, one must have encountered the material bone china. Bone china is one of the most versatile kitchenware materials. It has been used in houses, restaurants, and special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, casual get-togethers, and even formal dining.

A reputable bone china manufacturer ensures that each kitchenware item is efficiently created to be durable, lightweight, and resourceful for the users. However, one must wonder what bone china is. This article will take you on a quick tour of everything one needs to know about bone china.

What Is Bone China?

Bone china is one of the members of the ceramic family. The difference between bone china and materials like porcelain or fine bone china is that it contains a good amount of cow bone ash. This element is the secret component of bone china, making it remarkably robust. Other constituent materials of bone china are feldspar, ball clay, kaolin clay, and quartz.

For a material to be called a bone china item, it must have at least 30% of cow bone ash. There are multiple grades of bone china in the market. However, one needs to remember that the content of cow bone ash in a bone china item starts from 30% and goes up to 40 to 45%.

What Are The Various Features Of Bone China?

Source: unsplash.com

Check out the various features of bone china to distinguish it from other materials.

It Is Translucent

One of the most distinctive aspects of bone china is its transparency. Such a feature means that if a ray of light is projected at the material, the light will pass through it. This helps distinguish pure bone china material from fine china and porcelain.

It Has A Bright White Colour

Another remarkable feature of this material is that the material exhibits a milky white color due to its cow bone ash content. However, one must note that this feature is exhibited only if high-quality bone ash content is used. If the material contains low-quality bone ash content, the material is going to give off a yellowish color.

It Has A Smooth Texture

Bone china is manufactured by heating its constituent elements at high temperatures. Due to this fact, the material tends to have a sleek and smooth texture. If bone china items are banged together, they give a “clucking” sound, unlike porcelain which gives a loud echo.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Bone China?

Check out the various benefits that come with using bone china items.

It Is Durable

This material is sturdy and robust. It can easily withstand chipping, cracking, or scratching. One can use this material for everyday use as it won’t deteriorate over time.

It Adds A Sense Of Elegance

Bone china is a magnificent material that gives your dining area and kitchen a sophisticated vibe. It can be embellished with attractive designs and accessories to enhance its appeal.

The primary component of bone ash is calcium phosphate, an amino acid safe for tableware production. Additionally, there is no lead or mercury in the glazing fire or dangerous substances in certain porcelain items.


If one is looking for a kitchenware material that is durable, lightweight, robust, and aesthetically pleasing, then bone china is undoubtedly the right choice for them. Besides the mentioned benefits, bone china is a safe material used daily for food consumption. With the help of the above-mentioned facts, one can quickly decide if bone china material is the optimal choice for them.