How to make a WordPress plugin?

Plugins are the building squares of your WordPress website. They bring vital capacities to your website. Whatever you wish your site to do can be done with a WordPress plugin.

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Create your first plugin in five simple steps

Yes, you read it right. We can make a plugin in five simple steps.

1. FTP into your site 

The first thing you’ll have to do is get to your site through FTP utilizing the FTP program of your choice (mine is Coda). In case you’re not familiar with FTP, I recommend you study up on that before moving forward.

2. Explore the WordPress plugins folder 

Once you’ve gotten to your site using FTP, you’ll get to explore the WordPress plugins organizer. That organizer is nearly continuously found at /wp-content/plugins.

3. Make a modern folder for your plugin

 Now that you’re within the plugins folder, it’s time to form an envelope for yours! Go ahead and make an unused organizer, giving it a special title using lowercase letters and dashes, such as the my-first plugin. Once you’ve done that, enter your new folder and move on to the following step.

4. Make the most PHP record for your plugin

Next, you’ll make the main file for your plugin. To do so, make a PHP record inside your new plugin folder and allow it the same name, such as my-first-plugin.php. After you’ve done that, open your plugin’s fundamental file and get prepared to do a few editing.

 5. Set up your WordPress plugin’s information 

Finally, copy and paste the plugin data underneath into your fundamental plugin file. Make beyond any doubt to edit the details such as Plugin Title and Plugin URI as they relate to your plugin.



 * Plugin Name: My First Plugin

 * Plugin URI:

 * Description: The very first plugin that I have ever created.

 * Version: 1.0

 * Author: Your Name

 * Author URI:


That’s it! You’ve fairly completed the least number of steps that are required to form a WordPress plugin. You’ll be able presently to activate it inside the WordPress admin and delight in all of your radiance.

What to do next while creating WordPress Plugin?

Presently that you just have a plugin, let’s make it do something. The most effortless way to create things in WordPress is with activities and filters. Let’s explore that by making a simple activity that includes a line of text underneath all of the posts on your location. Copy and paste this code into your fundamental plugin file (underneath the plugin data) and spare it.

 add_action( ‘the_content’, ‘my_thank_you_text’ );

 functionmy_thank_you_text ( $content ) { return $content .= ‘

Thank you for reading!<\p>

‘; } 

This code snares into the “the_content” activity that fires when WordPress renders the post substance for your site. When that activity fires, WordPress will call our “my_thank_you_text” work that’s characterized underneath the “add_action” call.