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3 Smart Strategies to Find the Right Customer For Your Storage Facility

The increase in consumerism has led to the high demand for storage facilities as people don’t have enough space to store their belongings. Less space and more belongings are also the reason why storage facilities are increasing rapidly around the world, and it has become a lucrative business venture. However, the rapid increase has saturated the storage industry, and businesses need to adopt efficient and effective marketing strategies to stand out from the rest. 

Marketing your business is not an easy task and requires a lot of strategic planning and effort. 

Some businesses prefer to recruit marketing managers, while others may outsource this process. Nowadays, several businesses provide marketing services to service providers. 

Open tech alliance provides customer acquisition services for self-storage facilities, especially through data-driven digital marketing. Digital marketing is the latest and most effective way of marketing because everyone uses the internet in one way or another.   

However, before finalizing a marketing strategy, it is crucial to identify your target market. You should survey to recognize the right customer for your smart space self storage facility and then develop an effective marketing strategy for your target customers. 

This article will analyze how you can identify the right customers for your storage facility and which smart marketing strategies you can employ to find them.

Steps to Identify the Right Customer

Everyone will need some extra storage at a point in their life. However, it should not be your goal to market your storage facility to everyone. To get the best return on your investment, you should narrow down your target market. People in transition can be an excellent target audience. 

Follow the following three steps to direct your marketing efforts towards the right group of people and earn a profit. 

  • Look at the type of storage services you offer

First, list down all the services that your storage facility offers. Consider your inventory to see if you can provide temperature-controlled units, wide-door units, or small units. After listing all your services, carefully assess who may need those services.

For example, people wanting to store seasonal items prefer small units, and temperature-controlled units are great for storing business inventory. Specify your target audience based on the type of storage services you provide at your facility.

  • Utilize customer data

A way to collect customer data is by storing all marketing data from each customer inquiry and customers visiting your facility. You may collect information like their age, gender, their house’s distance from your storage facility, the type of storage they are looking for, and more. Analyzing this collected data can help you understand the right customer for your storage facility.

  • Observe the marketing strategies of your competitors

Carefully observe your competitor, the demographic they serve, or the market in your area that they are completely missing out on. They can help you narrow down your ideal customers, or you can consider providing similar services to their customers with additional benefits.

Strategies to Efficiently Market Your Services

Using specific data regarding your target customers will help your business, and you will be able to design the best strategies for marketing. Several efficient marketing strategies can be employed to reach your target market. Some of them are discussed below;

  1. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the most efficient marketing strategy nowadays. Some proven strategies for digitally marketing storage facilities include;

Social media marketing

Social media is a massive platform and offers an easy way for your content to be seen by millions of people within minutes. You can share any upcoming promotions, discounts, or general updates regarding your facility. Moreover, you can also share photos of your facility or upload storage-related news and article. With the right social media marketing strategy, you can easily attract the right customers.

Web design

Your facility’s website should be well-designed, listing all the necessary information that the customers may look for. Your site should convince them that you are the right storage facility for them. Some ways to design your website to achieve the required results are;

  • Easy navigation
  • Accurate code
  • Add vibrant graphics
  • Clean and organized design


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to your choice of keywords for your facility, the usability of your website, and customer satisfaction. Google can read all these elements and ranks your website based on its SEO effectiveness. A good SEO can help attract more traffic to your website.

Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective and cheap digital marketing strategies. You can gain the email addresses of all clients that visit your storage facility or its website. It also provides you with the permission to include them in your email marketing campaign, which includes newsletters about your latest services sent to people on a monthly or weekly basis.

  1. Offer discounts

People want to save money, so they love sales and discounts and grab every opportunity to accomplish that. You can offer discounts to new and regular customers, like a free unit on buying a certain number of units or a new customer discount.  

  1. Distribute Flyers

Print flyers containing all the information regarding your facility, like the unit sizes you provide along with prices, and add your address, phone number, and a small guiding map. 

Distribute these flyers all around your city by hiring a part-time worker or distribute them at community events, meetings, and more. If designed well and distributed strategically, fliers are an effective marketing tool for capturing local interest.

The Wrap Up

More and more people are looking for some extra storage space to store their belongings. Many storage service facilities are present across the country, and it can be tough competition to attract customers. Before employing marketing strategies to attract customers, you must identify your target market. After identifying the right customer who will need your storage facility’s services, design a smart marketing strategy targeted to attract the right customers.

Some efficient marketing strategies may include digital marketing, distributing flyers, and offering discounts. Digital marketing strategies are popular and include SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, and attractive website design. 

Hopefully, this article will help you understand how to identify your ideal customer and how to smartly use marketing strategies to attract them to your storage facility.



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