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About Donda 2 Album

Donda 2 is the 11th studio collection by American rapper Kanye West. It was solely delivered on the Stem Player, with four melodies made accessible on February 23, 2024, and extra tunes later remembered for refreshes, the first were added the next day. West started the recording and creation of the collection toward the beginning of January 2024, going on into the following month. It was gone before by the singles “Eazy” and “City of Gods”, delivered in January and February 2024, separately; the two of them outlined inside the main 50 of the US Billboard Hot 100.

West held “Kanye West: Donda Experience Performance”, a going with execution, displaying tunes from the principal emphasis, at LoanDepot Park on February 22, 2024, selling out 47 IMAX theaters across the United States. The “V2.22.22 Miami”[5] rendition of Donda 2 got blended audits from music pundits, who scrutinized its topic, tune designs, and absence of recognizable idea. Some were more negative towards West’s vocals, however a couple of pundits praised specific components of the creation. In view of its selective Stem Player discharge, Donda 2 was vigorously pilfered in February 2024 with emulators of the gadget shared on the web, and Billboard considered the collection ineligible for its collections diagrams refering to precedented “packaging” leads; the collection didn’t make a big appearance on other record outlines of the world by the same token.


In a meeting with Complex on January 3, 2024, Victor Worldwide CEO Steven Victor solely let the site know that West had started chipping away at a spin-off of his 10th studio collection Donda (2024), entitled Donda 2.[6] Victor later let the magazine know that it is “coming sooner than you naturally suspect”, making sense of: “The parade is beginning and it’s not stopping.”[7] On January 27, 2024, West subtitled an Instagram photograph of his experience growing up home on fire with a date of February 22 alongside the title Donda 2, likewise referencing individual rapper Future will serve the job of chief producer.[8][9] He had worked with Future previously, highlighting on his single “I Won” (2014).[9] Most distributions accepted this as a declaration of the collection’s delivery date,[10][11] however it went unreleased on the date.[12] Producer BoogzDaBeast uncovered that despite the fact that many tunes were recorded during the meetings for the primary Donda collection, the tracks recorded for Donda 2 were all new melodies made after the declaration of the Donda 2 listening event.[13]

Maker Digital Nas uncovered that for Donda 2, West educated him to make the tunes sound “more priest like” and to “improve on the tracks”, and assuming that they are “not ready to be played at a burial service, labor, graduation, a wedding”, then, at that point, consideration on the collection isn’t appropriate.[14] In late January 2024, the maker expressed that vocalist Marilyn Manson was recording for Donda 2 everyday in the studio. Marilyn Manson had recently added to Donda and for the continuation, Digital Nas opened up that West doesn’t need the vocalist to “play rap beats”, wanting for him “to play what he makes” and afterward West would deal with parts of his work.[15] Digital Nas contrasted the innovative strategy with that of West’s 6th studio collection Yeezus (2013), additionally saying that a portion of the makers who added to the collection were dealing with Donda 2.[15]

On February 17, 2024, West reported that Donda 2 won’t be that anyone could hope to find on any business web-based features and will be select to his Stem Player sound gadget, valued at US$200, which was recently delivered with Donda.[10] He made sense of that his rationale is the way specialists “get only 12% of the cash the business makes” when their music is free on the stages, requiring a period for independence from “this severe system”.[10] According to West, he made around $2.2 million from acquisition of the Stem Player in the span of 24 hours of the declaration, having sold north of 8,000 copies.[16] However, West making the collection just accessible on the gadget prompted analysis from his fans.[17] because of the rapper’s choice, Apple purportedly pulled their $2 million sponsorship manage him, as they were planned to stream the going with concert.[18] In a progression of Instagram posts, West proclaimed that he had turned down a $100 million arrangement with the company.[19] The principal bunch of tunes that were played at the Miami listening occasion on February 22, 2024-which were included to the gadget February 24-contained half-muttered reference tracks and fragmented melodies; West kept completing the collection during February. The co-designer of the Stem Player tweeted that official Donda 2 tunes are accessible and consistently refreshed by means of the gadget, adding that “elsewhere, you’re not getting the vision or the most recent forms”, implying that West intends to refresh the collection as he had done beforehand with The Life of Pablo and Donda in 2016 and 2024, respectively.[20][21]

Music and topics

Donda 2 is a hip jump album.[22] The collection was portrayed in numerous surveys as appearing to be incomplete, with Alphonse Pierre, composing for Pitchfork, seeing it as a “half-cooked” collection acting like an “steadily changing workmanship piece” that might remain incomplete.[23] A creation style that consolidates “see-cutting synth designs” was seen by The Guardian columnist Alexis Petridis in his survey of the collection, who additionally remarked that there is an absence of concentration, viewing specific tunes as looking like demos.[24] According to HipHopDX essayist Matthew Ritchie, huge stretches of the creation exhibit West’s “meticulousness” that makes a foundation for songs.[25]

West digs into relationship issues among himself and Kim Kardashian on Donda 2, especially examining their divorce.[26][27][28] Thematically, this subject attracted correlations with West’s fourth studio collection 808s and Heartbreak (2008) from various writers.[26][27][29] He meticulously describes the separation, zeroing in on his numerous feelings and insecurities.[25] West coordinates affronts towards jokester Pete Davidson, who turned into Kardashian’s new partner.[24][28] West likewise addresses his family’s interests, dismissing them.[25] The rapper conveys an unpleasant and self indulging style, looking for the compassion of others, while showing an absence of both satisfaction and empathy.[24][26][29]


West offends American comic Pete Davidson, who started dating Kardashian during her separation from West, on the tunes “Security” and “Eazy”.
The collection’s initial track, “Genuine romance”, contains a drum break that is tested from West’s 2010 single “Runaway”.[30] A post mortem highlight from rapper XXXTentacion is incorporated toward the start, singing about lost love.[26] On the track, West mourns the childcare plans achieved following his divorce.[24][26] West likewise references XXXTentacion’s child during the subsequent melody, as he reminds the two his and the late rapper’s offspring of their individual dads’ affection for them. “Broken Road” is a number highlighting rapper Don Toliver, in which West conveys thoughtfulness and pronounces his freedom.[25][29] “Get Lost” sees West singing a cappella with Auto-Tune vigorously applied to his voice, reviewing shifting recollections of his union with Kardashian.[24][23][25] “Excessively Easy” highlights electronic components and contains a mantra by West, who involves the vocal method as he support self love.[24][26][30] The rapper references his then-growing relationship with entertainer Julia Fox on “Blossoms” and implies the two his birthday present for herself as well as his Valentine’s Day present for his ex Kim Kardashian.[24][31][32] On June 29, 2024, West was sued by Marshall Jefferson for purportedly testing his melody “Move Your Body” without consent in “Flowers”.[33] West furiously takes steps to battle Davidson on the uproarious and forceful track “Security”, declaring that he “ain’t got sufficient security for this”.[24][26][25]

“We Did It Kid” highlights verses about companionship over a metal beat.[27][34] “Pablo” is an enthusiastic track with a quick beat and a snare from individual rapper Travis Scott, while Future likewise contributes a verse.[29][34][35] “Louie Bags” is a recognition for fashioner Virgil Abloh, a companion of West’s.[22] West states on the electronic-supported track that he quit purchasing Abloh’s Louis Vuitton packs after his passing in 2024.[22][29] “Cheerful” opens with a stanza performed by Future, going before three refrains from West, who conveys his misery as he over and over argues: “Do I look glad to you?”[26][27][30] “Science fiction” highlights rich symphonic creation and starts with a talk from Kardashian’s 2024 appearance on Saturday Night Live, in which she praises West’s achievements.[22][26][23] Lyrically, West recounts the narrative of their divorce.[32] “Self centered” is a negligible number that post mortem highlights XXXTentacion, with West examining how his defects prompted the divorce.[32] “Ruler Lift Me Up” has an instrumental style and comprises exclusively of vocals from Vory.[22][23] “City of Gods” fills in as a tribute to New York City from West, individual rapper Fivio Foreign, and artist Alicia Keys.[25] “First Time in a Long Time” embraces fresh starts and elements a visitor section from Soulja Boy.[36] On West and individual rapper the Game’s joint effort “Eazy”, the previous disses Davidson.[22]


Donda 2 Track list

Track listing according to Stem Player API.[46] Credits for “True Love”, “City of Gods” and “Eazy” are adapted from Tidal.[64][65][66]

Donda 2 track listing
No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. True Love
  • Kanye West
  • John Cunningham
  • Mike Dean
  • Ojivolta
2. “Broken Road” 1:40
3. “Get Lost” 2:35
4. “Too Easy” 2:58
5. “Flowers” 2:51
6. “Security” 2:16
7. “We Did It Kid” 2:48
8. “Pablo” 2:34
9. “Louie Bags” 3:13
10. “Happy” 4:45
11. “Sci Fi” 4:00
12. “Selfish” 1:39
13. “Lord Lift Me Up” 2:09
14. City of Gods
15. “First Time in a Long Time” 3:04
16. Eazy
Total length: 47:22


About Kayne West:

American maker, rapper, and style planner who parlayed his creation progress in the last part of the 1990s and mid 2000s into a vocation as a famous, widely praised independent craftsman.

West, the offspring of a picture taker and previous Black Panther father and a school teacher mother, experienced childhood in Chicago and went to Chicago State University for one year prior to exiting to seek after a lifelong in music. Right off the bat he showed his impressive capacities as a maker, adding to Jermaine Dupri’s collection Life in 1472 (1998) preceding migrating to the New York City region, where he made his name with his creation work for Roc-A-Fella Records, particularly on rapper Jay-Z’s collection Blueprint (2001). West’s capable utilization of sped up example based beats before long made him much popular as a maker, however he attempted to be permitted to make his own accounts (mostly in view of the discernment that his working class foundation denied him validity as a rapper).

At the point when he at last delivered his presentation solo collection, The College Dropout (2004), it was greatly fruitful: deals took off, and pundits spouted over its sonic complexity and shrewd wit, which mixed humor, confidence, understanding, and political mindfulness on melodies, for example, “Through the Wire” and the gospel-ensemble supported “Jesus Walks.” The last option cut won a Grammy Award for best rap tune in 2005, and West likewise gotten grants that year for best rap collection and best beat and-blues tune (as one of the lyricists of Alicia Keys’ “You Don’t Know My Name”).

Green Day, American underground rock band

For the overwhelming majority of us, music from 2000 to 2009 is exceptionally nostalgic. How well could you at any point match the craftsman to the famous melody? Take this test to find out. Your award: observing every one of the recordings in this test’s clarifications.

Abetted by his colorful character, West immediately rose to fame. His subsequent collection, Late Registration (2005), rehashed the business outcome of his first — with various hit singles, including “Precious stones from Sierra Leone” and “Gold Digger” — and acquired West three more Grammy Awards. He additionally acquired consideration for his generally cited statement that the central government’s sluggish reaction to the Hurricane Katrina debacle in New Orleans in 2005 showed that U.S. Pres. George W. Hedge “couldn’t care less about individuals of color” — a remark that Bush later portrayed as one of the most terrible snapshots of his administration.

As his profession as an entertainer took off, West kept on functioning as a maker, with credits including melodies by such high-profile craftsmen as Nas, Mariah Carey, and Beyoncé. He likewise established the record mark GOOD Music. His third delivery, Graduation (2007), created the hit singles “Great Life” and “More grounded” and earned him four more Grammy Awards. In 2008 West delivered 808s and Heartbreak, a collection that harped on sensations of individual misfortune and lament. Its sound varied profoundly from his past deliveries, as West decided to sing (with the help of a vocal creation device called Auto-Tune) instead of rap his verses.

West spent quite a bit of late 2009 restoring his picture. He had hurried the stage at the MTV Video Music Awards, appropriating Taylor Swift’s acknowledgment discourse for best female video, to announce that “Beyoncé had one of the most mind-blowing recordings ever.” Video film of the occurrence immediately became a web sensation on the Internet, and West ended up criticized in the media. A progression of conciliatory sentiments, some of them showing up as a continuous flow story on West’s Twitter channel, before long followed.

The recklessness that brought him such hardship in 2009 powered a victorious re-visitation of music the next year, with My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, a greatly perplexing investigation of the idea of progress and big name. With strong rhymes that were in a balance of proud and self-destroying, instrumentation that went from ancestral drums to taking off symphonic backup, and a rundown of visitor entertainers that included Jay-Z, Rihanna, Kid Cudi, and Chris Rock, the collection addressed a portion of West’s most aggressive work, and it was compensated with a triplet of Grammys. He followed it with Watch the Throne (2011), a Billboard graph finishing off coordinated effort with Jay-Z that highlighted the Grammy-winning singles “Otis,” “Niggas in Paris,” and “No Church in the Wild.”

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In 2012 West introduced Cruel Summer, a gathering collection highlighting him and a portion of the specialists endorsed to his GOOD Music name. After a year, on Yeezus (2013), West kept on investigating the dull corners of his mind, on occasion sifting his perceptions through the provocative focal point of racial governmental issues, as on “New Slaves.” rather than the excess of his past independent endeavors, the collection found him rapping over rugged moderate game plans suggestive of house and modern music and decorated with spare examples of soul and dancehall singers. Its best single was “Bound 2,” to some extent due to its suggestive music video including West and his then sweetheart, the unscripted tv star Kim Kardashian. (The couple, who were regularly in the public eye, were hitched in 2014. The fact that they were separating from makes in 2024 it declared.)

In February 2015 West, related to German clothing organization Adidas, revealed the first “season,” or assortment, of his hotly anticipated design line, YEEZY. YEEZY Season 1 highlighted people’s streetwear, including curiously large sweaters, military-and excess roused coats, tennis shoes, boots, and the sky is the limit from there.

West’s design work kept paving the way to the arrival of his eighth studio collection, The Life of Pablo (2016); as a matter of fact, he appeared tracks from the collection at his exhibit of YEEZY Season 3 at Madison Square Garden in New York.

The gospel-touched collection further showed West’s imaginativeness as a maker, yet pundits thought that it is disconnected. Moreover, the actual work was to some degree eclipsed by the flighty conditions of its delivery; in the wake of making an underlying form of the collection accessible on the web, West kept on dabbling with it in the studio, considering it a “no nonsense changing imaginative articulation.” The visit supporting the collection was suddenly dropped in November 2016, and West was momentarily hospitalized. West’s fifth style assortment, YEEZY Season 5, was delivered at New York Fashion Week in February 2017.