Common Problems with An Air Handler Unit and How to Fix Them

Air Handler

Air Handler Unit is an important part of any HVAC system. They provide the cooling and heating for your home and help with air distribution throughout your house. Air Handler Units are designed to be very durable, but they do have some common problems that can lead to extensive repairs or even replacement. This blog post will cover what you need to know about these units to identify when there is a problem and how to fix it!

Typical Problems with Air Handler Units

Several problems affect the performance of the Air Handling Unit. Some of the most common problems are:

Low Airflow:

This is the most common problem that comes up with this system. Low airflow means there are some parts of your house not getting properly cooled or heated. This can be due to clogged air filters, low refrigerant levels, a defective blower, and more!

You can fix this problem by cleaning the air filter and checking for any damage or leaks.


This is a problem you might only see during the winter months when it gets really cold outside. Then, the unit can freeze up, which causes it to shut off, but this will also cause low airflow! To fix this problem, you need to increase your home’s temperature so that there isn’t such a large difference between inside and out temperatures. You should also check your refrigerant levels since frosting could be an issue if they are too high.

This problem can be fixed by cleaning your unit. However, if there is too much dirt on it, then the airflow will be reduced, which can cause all kinds of problems down the line with any Air Handling Systems.  

Rusty Air Filter: 

This is something that people often overlook because they don’t realize how important filters are! If you have noticed rust around the area where your return vents meet with their ductwork, then you probably need to change it.

This problem can be fixed by replacing the air filter with a new one since this will help increase airflow and thus reduce any chances of an AC malfunctioning due to low-pressure issues.  

Compressor Failure:

Air handlers units use either an electric-powered compressor or an engine-driven one (gas/diesel). If you have noticed any strange noises coming from the unit, like grinding noise, then it might mean that your compressor needs repair work done on it.

You can fix it by getting in touch with a service provider to check the unit and replace any faulty parts.

Another thing to consider is that if your outdoor fan motor shuts down, it usually means that there is an issue with either the capacitor or starter on it. This problem, too, requires professional help since you would not want to get electrocuted when trying to fix this yourself.

Leaking Freon:

Another common issue with these systems is leaking freons which creates additional tension for homeowners since they require repairs involving expensive items such as recharging them manually. Professionals know how to do it.

If you want to fix this, you need to make sure that you go for an experienced and certified technician since there is a chance of it causing more damage if not done properly.

Blower Motor Failure:

During colder seasons, the blower motor might fail due to severe clogging of coils and lack of airflow that can happen if you haven’t used your Air Handler Unit for a long time or in the case where it has been not clean enough. In such cases, the unit fails either by tripping breakers or simply blows fuses, so take care!

Get rid of this issue by hiring experienced technicians who can clean it effectively and make it function again.

Power Failure:

In some rare situations, power failure may also result in air conditioning systems malfunctioning because their capacitors provide extra energy, which is needed when electricity isn’t available. This type of problem usually occurs during natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes, but they have also been known to occur from faulty wiring too.

You can get help from experienced technicians who can recharge the capacitors and make your unit function again.

Dirty Coils:

When Residential Air Handling Unit is used for a long time, dust and other particles start accumulating on the coils. This can lead to overheating of those components, which in turn cause an air conditioning system malfunctioning by tripping breakers or simply blows fuses!

This can easily be fixed by hiring an experienced technician who can clean the coils for you. If your Air Handler Unit is not working, then you have two options: one of them being do-it-yourself and another option requiring a professional!

Loose Electrical Connections:

Loose electrical connections may also result in problems with your AC because loose connection means loss of current which doesn’t allow proper cooling inside your home. Apart from this, it will damage the system, so make sure you tighten all such connections if they have become loose over time due to regular vibrations while operating the Air Conditioner unit. If there are no signs of any loose wiring, just check each component one by one to make sure they are in proper condition.

If you want to fix it yourself, you can do so by tightening the loose connection but if it is not too easy for you to fix such complex electrical connections, then just call a professional to get it done.

A Clogged Air Filter:

Suppose your air handler unit has an air filter. In that case, you may need to occasionally clean them by washing them with water and mild detergent or simply replacing the old ones with new ones because this will help keep dust particles away from the coils, which reduces heat transfer between two components and causes damage too! So do check for a dirty AC filter once every month so that its performance doesn’t get affected over time. If there is no such filter, just take preventive measures so that any dirt does not come inside the system as it may cause trouble later on. AC filters should be cleaned at least per year, while replacement can be done after a particular time frame.

Fix this issue by just replacing the old ones with new filters. You can use mild detergents or simply replace the old ones with new ones after some time because this will help keep dust particles away from the coils, which reduces heat transfer between two components and causes damage too! So do check for a dirty AC filter once every month so that its performance doesn’t get affected and it provides you with better cooling.

I hope this blog has helped you understand the common problems of the Air Handler Unit, and you get a better idea about fixing them easily. Thanks for reading!