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All You Need to Know about Longest Snapchat Streak

Those who belong to the modern day world of chatting and other means of instant communication will find quite a few interesting things in this article. Today many of us believe in using images, pictures, and other such things to convey our message rather than using text messages. Text messages also have become quite short and the English which we practiced a few decades ago is slowly and steadily fading away. While the debate between the purists and the younger generation will continue, there’s no doubt that sending messages with the help of images has come to stay. It could be in the form of GIF, Emoji or other forms. Among the many options available, Snapchat is something that is considered one of the best ways to communicate using images. It is extremely popular and it certainly has caught the imagination and liking of the younger generation quite rapidly.

Things One Should Know About Snapchat

There are literally dozens of snapchats and they come in different colors, sizes and shapes. For example, when we talk about heart, it could come in different colors. For example if you have yellow heart, you should send it somebody whom you interact with on a regular basis. Red heart is reserved for those whom you have known for two weeks or more and pink is something which is usually sent to those whom you have known for more than two months or more. There are different types of faces including smiling faces, smirking faces, and faces with tears rolling down the cheeks, faces with a horn on the right side and faces with a frown in the face and much more. Each of them signifies a special emotion and state of mind.

It Also Is Possible To Chat Real Time Using Snapchat

If both the sender and receiver have snapchat apps available in their systems, it’s possible to send the feelings on a real live basis using video chatting as well as text chatting facility. Hence, at the end of the day, there’s no doubt that there are many ways and means by which snapchat can be used.

Longest Snapchat Competition

As is the case with many such new inventions, there is an element of competition in snapchat too. There have been quite a few competitions for snapchatting as long as possible. This has resulted in the longest snapchat streak record becoming a reality. The final result is absolutely mind boggling to say the least. The record is for 798 days and it has happened on 10/11/2016. Though there were many other claimants to this record, this has stood out because others were hacked or the chat streaks were falsified. Further other such snapchat streaks had broken and violated the terms and conditions which had been set forth.

It would be simply fantastic to imagine how the entire snapchat streak session would have gone on uninterrupted for more than two years and a few days. It certainly would have called for lot of imagination and thinking out of the box to keep such a long and lengthy image based conversation going.

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