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Lexington Law vs Sky blue credit repair – What is better for you?

Lexington Law vs Sky blue credit repair – What is better for you?

Susan Spencer / July 15, 2017

Lexington law and credit repair.com is known as two most high sources of repairing credit. People often feel confused in between these two sources because they don’t know which works more.

Here we are telling you about the Lexington law and creditrepair.com and which one of them works for you the best. Let’s have a look.


Lexington Law is reliable for the people due to the sudden action and due to the effort, they do for the others. The initial fee of the Lexington law is $99.95 in which they are ready to prove you services which are for your own good.

They offer different packages to the people so they can choose one for them and can solve their problem. The score of the Lexington law is A- and people trust more on it because of older reputation.

As compared to the ceditrepair.com Lexington Law is working for the longest time and when you start using the services of Lexington law then the team guides you better as well as you can discuss your concerns with them.


Lexington law tries their best to clear the allegations on you with the proof and you don’t have to go through any kind of a headache after paying them. When you are hiring Lexington law for the credit repair then at that time they will give you contact.

You need to read the contract carefully and sign it. Lexington law charges for the work they are doing. Nothing less and nothing more for your own good. In the most of the cases, they get successful in clearing the charges against the client.


Creditrepair.com is not providing variety to the clients who are coming to them for the credit repair. They are offering just one package to the people which are $89.95 and no initial fee. But still there package is expensive as compared to Lexington law.

The best thing creditrepair.com is offering you is that you can track the progress of your work time to time. In the return of hiring them and completing the process, they give you analysis report as well as credit in your account as a reward.

You will be able to use text messages and alerts to your phone. You will be able to use their mobile app too for the tracking and for using other options as well. You will get the reward in your account too by creditrepair.com.

This is the best way to attract the clients towards your business when you are offering much more to them and rewards too. They will love to hire creditrepair.com to avail their services and to make sure that they are working with the right company.

Still, people like to trust Lexington law than to go for the sky blue credit repair or any other for the working purpose. Few complaints have been registered against the company which is due to the harassment calls coming from the people who are trying to have money.

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